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There are almost as many different types of roofing material and styles as there are different houses. While we can put any ol' roof on any house, certain styles of homes can benefit greatly by having a roof that compliments the architecture to keep it's looks in line with it's heritage or inspiration. It's probably safe to say that most homes though have materials and designs that focus more on cost and installation ease and build time rather than style.

We have hundreds of samples and design ideas that can help you choose the right roof for your home.

Transform your house into a stunning expressive work of art and make your home stand out from the crowd. Drastic steep arches or combination of abstract shapes can emphasize a roof of any material. Corner less or edgeless curved thatch roofs are extremely rare due to the craftsmanship required and give a very distinct look. Copper and aged (patina) copper are making a huge come back in modern construction. Metal based roofing can be built in any style or shape to mold into a unique structure whether is a classic tile based look, or chic modern panels. Various finishes and colors can give a very striking appearance.

Doesn't matter if you're in an urban, rural or natural environment, blending in and complimenting your surrounds will always be a popular choice of style. Various types of natural materials can be used in hundreds of different ways. Cedar shakes can be beautiful on a house just outside the city or in a building in a more forested setting. There are quite a few options for a rock based material such as slate, cement or composite shingles which generally come in very earthy tones. Ceramic styles blend wonderfully in a rocky dryer climate and with a lot of orange red shades. Even metal sheet and metal shingles help make a home or building blend nicely in a more modern city environment.

We deal with mulitple suppliers, manufacturers and fabricators to give a wide selection of materials and options depending on your needs. This gives us the ability to supply only the best materials made to the highest quality standards to ensure a long beautiful life. In addition, it also gives us different channels to provide materials in a timely and efficient manner.

Our goal no matter how complicated or difficult the project is to provide a fair reasonable price for services. Some special projects are labor intensive and certain materials are more costly or are tied to market prices. But, we try to provide the best fair price for all parts and services. We can also help plan out your roofing project materials and architecture complexity before hand with a given budget.

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